Grand Scope,

Grand Scope, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Most of
13.8 billion years
Humans were not here

Most of
4 billion years
Humans were not here

Of billions of suns
In our Milky Way alone

Maybe trillions
Of galaxies in our scope

Superstitious fearful
Claim without God
There would be no hope

It seems
A waste to me
To take all that time you see

To bribe
And threaten
Your creation

To get us
To do your bidding
Prostrate gleefully

99 percent
Of life that once lived
Is extinct and now dead

You want me
Full of dread
You want me

Full of fear
You threaten me
With your God

You claim
I cannot hear
That I am deaf

Blind, defiant
Pitchforks in my head
Playing with my neurons

He sat up there
For eons
Watched horrors

With folded arms
Blamed us for
The game he started

He’s not corrected
Such fiction I’ve long rejected

Kids don’t get cancer
Because God
Says it’s a test

If you truly believe this
Your morality
I detest

I do know there’s is good
I do value compassion
I simply will never ever

Assign that
To a super cognition
Especially not one

You claim to be benevolent
All powerful, all knowing
All seeing, yet jealous, angry and violent.

The cosmos is not caused
We are simply a manifestation
Of natural processes, the science is reliant

On process and objective data
Not old mythology
Not the threats or bribes

Of our species insecurities
I am ok with being finite
This is true humility

You go to the movies
Knowing it will end
You may go to a concert

With a close friend
You may curl up with a novel
When you crawl into bed

You don’t fear
The finality
Of any of those events

2 responses to “Grand Scope,”

  1. This is a powerful poem, Brian. I can hear and feel the sense of real passion in your words, and I know exactly where you’re coming from.

    I’m sorry if I’ve missed commenting on a couple of your posts. I’ve been so busy lately, and the time that I usually spend on reading other bloggers’ work has been taken up with meetings and spending time with my best friend. I think I’m too far behind to catch up with everyone now. Hope you’re well.


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