Barbecue Kittens,

Barbecue Kittens, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

You think of us
Sullied seeds
Spoiled soil

The ground
We worship
Of the devil

Faces of gargoyles
Breath of fire
Maniacal laugh

Evil our path
We wish you death
Graves our gift

We stalk
We haunt
We wallow

In filth
Like pigs
This is

You want us
To be

Hate to tell you
Hate to face you
With reality

We feel love
We feel empathy
We need companionship

And we can get lonely
We have family
We have friends

We hate dictators
We’re not

We won’t rob you
We won’t stab you
We won’t kill you

Your kittens
Would be safe
Under our care

These false ideas
Were sold to you
By other’s fear

As for your logic
That is up for debate
We are not doormats

So give up your hate.

A sarcastic yet serious poem about how fundies see atheists and stupidly think we love dictators or we want a lawless society, or we are evil deserving of eternal hellfire. No fundies, we will not barbecue your kittens.

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