“Life Is Pretty Therefore”

“Life Is Pretty Therefore”, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @Brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Such a common refrain
Yet another pratfall
Reasoned in vein

The bounty of life
So much, so much
It has to be God

That did all such
The bees buzzing
Makes us honey

Of the eye
Such complexity
And the calm

Nighttime sky
Pretty pretty stars
Glimmer into eyes

The baby’s birth
Brings wonder
To parent’s minds

Childlike reason
Gap filling
Comforting lies

Nobody is willing
To note that nature
Isn’t always pleasing

Humans want
Divine meaning
They want a maker

To pick them winner
To corner the market
As to why

Why do we die
Because we do
Not because

He wants you
Not because
He is punishing you

Not because
He needs friends
Not because

Of a master plan
Life is ugly
Life is violent

You can
Make up mythology
Ignorantly defiant

But nature
Needs not
To be compliant

A volcano
A tornado
A wildfire

An earthquake
A hurricane
A zebra foal

Eaten in whole
By a pride of lions
Survival the goal

Another meteor
Will hit earth
And take it’s toll

And our cruelty
To each other
Is not in short supply

As he sits
Up in the sky
With folded arms

As time goes by
Selective deadbeat
Seems to let slide

Crimes against humanity
But only he knows why
So it’s ok

That you’re a toy
You’re a pawn
You’re a lab rat

For his selfish joy
I say no
To this ploy

I know too much
Of the universe
Of this planet

Our species
Short time
On it

And of
5 mass extinctions
That took place

Your mythology
Won’t save face
Your superstition

Will lose the race
Centuries from now
Gods get replaced

Is there good
In life?
Most certainly

Yet tis bad logic
For to argue
“Life is pretty”.

4 responses to ““Life Is Pretty Therefore””

  1. Hi, Brian. Somehow, I lost this post this week and couldn’t find it until today. I wanted to reassure you that, although I said in my last post that I was taking a necessary break from blog reading following my counselling ending last Wednesday, I am still trying to read my favourite bloggers’ work. You are one of these people that I’m still following and reading.

    This poem is really to the point and factual. It makes a lot of sense, and I can see/hear the thoughts behind your words. Thank you for sharing. Are you okay? I haven’t seen many posts from you recently. How are Anneplath and Kelly? I expect they are still keeping you busy.


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