I’m Dreaming Of,

I’m Dreaming Of, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Spending the day
With my cats
Nothing about

Red and white hats
No fireplace no socks
No Christmas ham in broth

No deforestation
No plastic tree
No train set going around thee

You say I am a Grinch
Ask what is wrong with me
Why cant I be cheerful

Or happy? Oh I can
But you cant see
I simply don’t celebrate

It’s not for me. There
Are no laws that force me
We are not a theocracy

In any case, a little history
Your own holy book
Says not to bring in a tree

And if you pronounce
Santa correctly, Sinter Klaas
It was originally

And Thomas Nast
Civil War cartoonist
Depicted him as

Small and elflike
Not the big rotund jolly
Man we sing Holly Jolly

Not to mention
It is a time of stress
And for others loneliness

Buy buy buy
Creates mounting debt
Buy buy buy

People fight over it
Don’t get me wrong
I get the excuse

To hang out with family
I love that ruse
But I will always refuse

To let commercialism
Or religious tribalism
Or arguments from “tradition”

To put pressure on me
And if you flip out
Over a coffee cup

If you demand I always must
Greet you with certain words
If you scream and cuss

You are an intitled insecure brat
I will not engage you
I’ll have none of that

I’m dreaming of
You do you
And leave me alone

I do not owe you
I’m not your clone
Yet someone may call me

On my phone
Ask me to come over
So I won’t be alone

But the friends I have
Are fine with me
Being myself and wouldn’t you agree

Isn’t that what
Solstice celebrations are about
Less division, more harmony?

2 responses to “I’m Dreaming Of,”

  1. Brian, I read this the first time on Xmas Eve but didn’t manage to leave a comment that day. Xmas Day for me was miserable, as you know. I really like this poem and can identify with a fair bit of it, too. All the fuss of Xmas is all too much sometimes. It’s all got too commercial, fancy, manic, competitive etc.

    However, that said, I did have my son and the little ones here yesterday and last night, and it was so lovely to see them. The looks on the children’s faces as they opened their presents. Nothing fancy or expensive. Colouring pens, glitter tattoos, ‘magic’ scratch cards, pyjamas etc. Nothing wasteful or expensive. They were so happy. The best gift I could give to them was my time, attention, praise and encouragement. I didn’t take photos because I wanted to be fully engaged with them in what they were doing. Today, it was a bank holiday here, and my daughter, son-in-law and the girls came over for lunch and coffee. It was great to see them as I’ve missed them, not having seen them since last August.

    I do hope you, Anneplath, and Kelly spent a good few days together doing whatever you wanted to do; I hope that you are well, also. I can’t believe it will be the New Year soon. Where does the time go!? X


    • Don’t get me wrong. I get wanting to be with family. If my late mother were still alive I would have spent the day with her and bought her gifts.

      What I get down on are the religious nuts who act like you are a demon if you don’t celebrate or if you do, you don’t do it the way they want you to do it. And when I did drink I spent time at my friends house for a secular party.

      The three of us had a fun day, Anneplath and Kelly played with their toys and I played with them and they snuggled up to nap and sleep.

      I always have a tradition of posting ABBA’s “Happy New Year” song this time of year to welcome the new year.

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