“You’ll Find Out”

“You’ll Find Out” By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

That hollow refrain
That hollow threat
You must know
I’m not buying any of it

And exactly how
Do you know this?
Do you have him
In your cell phone contacts?

“All powerful”
Seems incompetent

To me,
If it has to seek
The voices of mere mortals
To do his bidding scheme

I’d think by such parameters
It would need no human help
It could punish me, quick work
It shouldn’t need an enforcer

It shouldn’t need your P.R.
It shouldn’t need a body guard
I think the truth is obvious
It makes you feel good

To threaten others
Because that is easier
Than to consider
You got it wrong

And there is no monster
Upstairs, vengeful, angry
And always ready
To squash me like a gum wad

No, I think the truth
Is mundane, I think
You want this fiction
To be fact

I think you are
The only to act
And you want
That deck stacked

In your favor.
But if you think your fervor
Or mythological sky father
Is going to make me lose sleep

Don’t bother
I am not afraid
Of Darth Vader

9 responses to ““You’ll Find Out””

  1. A clever piece of poetry, Brian. I haven’t seen many of your poems recently. I don’t see them come up in my Reader and am not getting any notifications as I usually do. I hope I haven’t missed any – perhaps, you haven’t written as much lately? I’ve been a little concerned about you. Do let me know how you are. Thanks, Brian. X


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