If you are a regular reader you have been seeing less posts recently. I have been mainly distracted by my two kittens. But I have also been getting into “Twitter Spaces”. I really want to get back to writing daily, but it seems the inspiration simply isn’t full time now, not even short poems.

I am going to try to budget some hours, maybe 1 or 2 a day at least, where I stick to simply reading online poetry from my followers and those I follow, and possibly getting inspired by them. Or hopefully getting to write some longer ones.

I just had a sudden bought of sadness, not quite depression, but just about an hour ago it hit me I wasn’t writing enough. My kittens are making me smile sure, but they are not stopping me from my depression and anxiety like I thought they would. They are helping for sure, but they are not an absolute cure.

I guess what I am saying is I cannot rely on simply one thing, to keep me more upbeat. I need more writing right now. And Elon is really screwing up people’s accounts and I am seeing less posts from the people I want to, and more posts from people I am not even following that Elon seems to like.

One response to “UPDATE……”

  1. Hello, Brian. I can imagine how busy and time-consuming having little Kelly, and Anneplath must be. Pets, especially when they are young and still fairly dependent on us for many things, tend to take over everything else. Please, try not to worry about not writing, although I do understand your need to do this, as I feel the same. As they grow up and become more independent, you will be able to concentrate and spend more time on your writing. I also do understand that you can’t just get rid of anxiety or depression that easily. These things take time to recover from. I know from my own experience that no amount of writing or caring for pets (Peanut, in my case) can do miracles with our mental health.

    I haven’t heard of Twitter Spaces. What is that, and is it different to Twitter on its own?

    I was going to write a simple post today about finally reaching 500 followers. I’ve been blogging since 2014, so it’s only a very small number compared to most other people. Nevertheless, I’m more than grateful to my regular readers and friends. I very much doubt that the majority of those 500 people don’t read my blog after all these years, not that that bothers me in the least. I’m not sure I want to write that post now, as my son has just informed me that he and the children aren’t coming over on Christmas Day after all, which means another Christmas alone for me. Do you have anyone to spend Christmas with at all? I do hope so 💜.

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