My Life Is On Paws

My Life Is On Paws, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37)

Oh what a species we are
In our blustery pontification
Saber rattling, inane prattling

Nothing to me is more comforting
Than to have something centimeters long
Smaller than a tennis ball

Climb then crouch and crawl
Onto my bed circle around
My chest, and curl up into a ball

And not just one but two
What am I going to do
Frolic in this stadium

It has to be from their view
Chasing their tails, playing
With the fluffy feathers

On the end of the string
I bounce them from the stick
They end up doing backflips

And when they get tired of it
They sit on my chest
I try to do my best

Not to laugh so hard
I bounce them around
They meow that cute little sound

And after we all calm down
I put on a YouTube video
And just wouldn’t you know

They look intently at the screen
They’re trying to figure out
Where the others are hanging out

I even dart my mouse
On the screen they try to pounce
Each barely a few of an ounce

I know what life is about
It is these two little furballs
Who have put my life on paws.

My kittens are a handful, and 100% worth it.


2 responses to “My Life Is On Paws”

  1. This is a gorgeous poem, Brian. Kelly and Anneplath play a big part in your life now that you have them for company. They certainly keep you busy, but I can tell how much they mean to you. I remember when Peanut was a kitten; she behaved in exactly the same way as your adorable kittens. It’s so lovely and warms my heart (and no doubt, yours, too) when Peanut curls up on my chest or lies on my pillow, licking my forehead. Aren’t their little tongues rough (a bit like sandpaper), but I love it just the same? I can just picture your little kittens chasing after the mouse cursor on your laptop screen – how funny. I love the title of this post, ‘My life is on paws’ – very clever.

    Sorry, I’m rather late commenting on this post. I’m not great at the moment and have fallen all behind with blog reading and commenting. I hope you are well today. Here in the UK, we have got our first snowfall in quite a few years. I think the last real snow we had was around 2017! It’s very pretty, but it also means I can’t get out in Alfie, my electric wheelchair, until the snow has thawed. X πŸ˜ΊπŸΎπŸˆπŸ’œ


  2. Thank you. They are adorable. Kelly is the boss of the three of us. They have paw to paw combat, they bounce off the walls occasionally. But they love curling up on me, or next to me. And they cuddle up next to each other too. I am so happy to have them.

    Sorry you can’t get out because of the snow. I like looking at snow, but I hate being in it. I like it more so in pictures than anything. Hope you are doing well.


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