You Think I’m Being Mean?

You Think I’m Being Mean, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Your gaslighting
Is mastery
When I destroy

Your mythology
Suddenly you go from bully
To “please don’t pick on me”

Ever so the narcissist
You think it is about you
When the reality is

I reject all the claims
Of humanity, in that of
Claims of all deities

You start off
Acting kind
With your pleasantries

You try
To confound me
With mysteries

Which I see
Really as your

In such

In ancient language
Long since dead
Somehow still

It’s stuck in your head
From the age of toddler
Thus you’ve been fed

You never had
Much of a chance
Your brain a sponge

They filled it with
Pretty farm animals
And big giant boats

They glossed it over
Hid the horrible notes
Of infanticide, genocide

Females as prizes
The bounty of wars
Concubine and chattel

Treated like cattle
Oh and Saul/Paul
It’s the same guy

It is in
The same book
That I didn’t write

David wanted
Himself a wife
He went to Saul

Asked what was the price
He wanted his daughter
To make him his wife

Saul told him
“This would be nice
100 Philistine foreskins

Shall be the price
For my daughter’s dowery
To make her your wife”

And this is just one
Of many horrors
In that convoluted

Book belabored
Kids mauled by bears
Egyptian first born too

To please you
Oh mighty God

I’m being mean?
It would so seem
That humans you thus deem

To be mere toys
Lab rats, props
In your vile

Violent play
Where those
Who don’t obey

Are beaten
In genocidal manor
And kids collateral damage

This is the book
You want me to follow
This is the god to which

You want me to grovel
This vengeful beast
Who does not seem

To take criticism well
He smashes his toys
And burns them all in hell.

I am not being mean
To call a myth a myth
A lie I lie

I am not being mean
If I suggest you try
To think for yourself

On reason to rely
Its a much better path
For to look at life

With out a bribe
Without a threat
Without any fear

I am not being mean by pointing out to believers, that while I know they find comfort in that book, they are very convenient in skipping over the not so pretty parts, like infanticide, genocide, child abuse, incest, and human flesh as a dowery for payment for a female.

Would anyone find comfort in Santa if Santa said, ” Rudolph, you can be the lead deer, but for you go get that position, you have to cut the balls off 100 Hindus. <——- Total nonsense meaningless example right?

But why are people getting upset at me for something I was not around to write. Saul/Paul is just one example. Killing off the Egyptian firstborn, mauling kids using bears. Forcing the rape victim to marry their rapist. There are countless examples of this God character in the bible who is cruel, brutally cruel, even to his most innocent and loyal followers. Job is another example.

But the two biggest acts this God commits are the global genocide of the flood, and the global genocide of the end times. And in both of these examples there would have to have been innocent pregnant women, babies, toddlers, teens and even adults, whose only crime was not belonging to the correct god club.

How am I being mean by suggesting someone can do better than what amounts to an old book of tribalism that is used to justify feeling superior to others?

I would suggest that the real cruelty is perpetuating old mythology which is stagnant and does not allow thoughts to change and especially morality to change.


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