Puddy Papers

Puddy Papers, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Professor Kingsfield
Knew nothing
About the laws

Of tiny little furballs
Nor could Anne
Have imagined the papers

My puddy’s chase
And when they run
Out of energy

They corner me
In my bed
Kelly sleeps on my side

Anneplath head of the class
The real professor
Of the Ivy Tail white tip

Not even freshmen
Their prose the law
Sexton never saw

Not ambulance chasers
Better than
The Jesus Papers

They know of which
Of my leavers
To get me to

Give them vittles
Then they sleep
While they cuddle

So if you ever
Need a Lawyer
Or a poet

They’re your trouble
Fun is fun
On the double.

This is a hybrid poem playing off the title of a short lived legal show “The Paper Chase”. And off of Anne Sexton’s poems called “The Jesus Papers”, but is in total reference to my two new kittens.

Professor Kingsfield was a character in a fictional Ivy League college. He was played by British actor John Houseman.

And Anneplath, my kitten, has a bright ivory white tip, thus that line.
And they cuddle together when I put them in the carrier to sleep. And they own me for sure. They wrote the law of poetry on feline cuteness.


One response to “Puddy Papers”

  1. Great poem, Brian. I think your little furballs have well and truly captured your heart. They sound so delightful. It’s lovely that they snuggle up together in their basket, and lovelier still that they snuggle up with you whenever they get the chance. Please, do post some more photos on your blog; I’d love to see more of them. X 🐾😺🐈


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