Patience, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The fashion fur ball
And the poets saw
My hoodie hanging

The string dangling
The didn’t need
A Sony Play Station

But they’d meow
Their tummies would growl
Then they’d need

To relieve themselves
And that there is
Where my patience begins

I can handle it when
They meow and meow
And it never ends

Sleep what is that
Just like kids
Bounce off the walls

Midnight calls
Then they have to
Do what we all do

But they haven’t
Figured out where
Their powder room is.

Wet spot here
Package there
Beware, beware

A mess it is
But I don’t mind
They’re too damned cute

They’re figure it out
In time, but in the meantime
No sleep till Brooklyn

Fortunately I have vinyl flooring and it is easy to clean. My kitties haven’t figured out the litterbox yet. But the fun part in the meantime is that they have really adapted to the house in just one day. They are running round bouncing off the walls right now 2:30am. But I am laughing my ass off. I already have insomnia so at least this is a fun way to have it.

The only thing I worry about since they are so small is falling asleep with them on the bed and either trying to jump off, I think it is too high up for them right now. And or accidentally rolling over on them.

So for now if I feel sleepy I put them in their carrier. I plan on getting a big pet cage for them. Other than that they are uber adorable and I can be a prouder daddy right now.


One response to “Patience”

  1. You, Anneplath and Kelly sound like you were just made for each other, Brian. They sound like so much fun. They’re very young yet and will soon learn to find their litter tray – at least, as you say, you have vinyl flooring. I can understand the worry about having them on your bed, though. It won’t be long until they’ve grown enough to jump off your bed safely. Peanut sleeps on my bed, but I’ve never rolled over on her, but then she’s big enough to move if she’s uncomfortable. It’s a good idea to get a roomier carrier for them, as it will also be needed for future potential vet visits. It’s also good to get them used to their carrier, as most cats hate being put in one as they automatically assume they’re off for a trip to the ‘nasty’ vet for an injection or some other unpleasant treatment. Trying to get Peanut in her carrier is like trying to get a tarantula in a test tube (not that I’ve tried the latter!) Enjoy every minute of them and don’t forget to take lots of photos of them, as before you can blink, they’ll be grown. I’m glad you worked out to display pictures on your blog page.

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