My puddy monsters Anneplath and Kelly are here. They are siblings. It didn’t take them long to start running around and playing. Looks like they are going to adjust well.

2 responses to “MY PUDDY MONSTERS ARE HERE!”

  1. Welcome to your new furry family. How exciting for you, Brian. Anneplath and Kelly sound like they’re settling in already. I expect they’ll take up lots of your time. Kittens need a lot of playing with. When I first got Peanut, she was 12 weeks old, and I spent loads of time just playing with her and throwing things for her to run after. Now she’s three, she’s quietened down a bit but still likes to have a mad half hour every so often. She keeps me on my toes, as I’m sure you two new family members will do. Congratulations on the ‘new arrivals.’ You’ll have to keep me updated with their antics – perhaps, you could write some blog posts about them. I’d love to see photos. You said you weren’t sure how to add them here, and it’s a bit difficult to explain, so you could share some on your Twitter account. I’ll look out for them. Have fun! Peanut says to say meow to Anneplath and Kelly.

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