You’re Every Dori In The World

You’re Every Dori In The World To Me, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

He filled Trunk with fear
Every time he was near
The solution was always clear

Like when they were in the office
And the killers wanted to off him
Dynamite sends him to his coffin

Hammer tossed the stick
Back and forth
Over Trunk’s desk

But when that didn’t work
Hammer thought
The window he could break

Toss the stick outside
Dori was standing aside
Watching them scream and cry

They thought
They were going to die
Dori sighed and rolled her eyes

Thinking to herself
I’m sure
“Will you look at these two guys?”

Making fools of themselves
The solution was right there
Neither were aware

The wick could get wet
Cup of coffee on the desk
Dori finished it

Saved both of those idiots.

Ivory pistol grip
Dirty Harry
Not so smart

Dori made it an art
To always save his ass
She always had the brass.

This is a silly poem about one of my favorite slapstick/sight gag tv comedies spoofing Dirty Harry, called “Sledge Hammer”.

There was an episode where a mob boss put out a million dollar hit on Hammer and while he and Captain Trunk and Doreau are in the Captain’s office, above them in the ceiling vent a potential killer drops a lit stick of dynamite into the office.

Of course both Hammer and Trunk panic playing hot potato with it tossing it back and forth. Hammer then tries to break the office window several times with a chair but can’t.

Dori Doreau, the only one calm in the room finally picks up the stick of dynamite and submerges the lit wick in Captain Trunk’s cup of coffee.

I love that show, it was soooo uber super silly. Trunk always aways afraid of Hammer getting him hurt and Dori always saves his ass in just about every episode.


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