Soon to be had kittens!

Not a poem. But if everything goes well, my cab driver will be dropping of two adorable kittens. One jet black. Her name will be Anneplath, named after two of my favorite female poets, Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath. The other, her sister, is a calico and will be named Kelly, after Charlie’s Angels Jaclyn Smith Kelly. Why Kelly? Because a couple weeks ago the real Jaclyn Smith sent me a Tweet in answer to my questions during one of her fan sessions where she answers questions of fans.

If I have mentioned this before, I am sorry, I am just really excited. I will have two furbabbies and I have never had two cats at one time. If I can figure out how to post pictures I will. But your best chance to see them would be on Twitter at “RationalPoet @brianrrs37.

I should be getting them either tonight or tomorrow.


5 responses to “Soon to be had kittens!”

  1. Brian, I am so happy for you that you’ll be getting two beautiful kittens very soon. Cats are wonderful pets and kittens will certainly keep you on your toes as they’re usually full of playful mischief. I love the names you’ve chosen for them. Calico cats are fairly rare, I think, and so pretty. Black cats are adorable, too, of course. Are they from the same litter? How old will they be when they arrive today or tomorrow. I wish you every happiness with them in your life. Their cuddles are very comforting and they’re great company (all this going on how I feel about my cat, Peanut). I do hope you get this comment and have sorted out the issues we were having with them. X 😺🐾💛


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