Cut Short(not for sensitive readers, GRAPHIC POEM)

Cut Short, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

You cannot unsee
This unimaginable

Cut in half
Like a side of beef
Posed to shock

On the side of the street
Not a stich on her
Naked bone white bleach

Jet black hair
Glasgow smile
Sliced her lips

To both ears
Breasts fileted
In grewsome way

She had a face
Bomber body
Pinup sliced up

In Leimert

Betty found her
While walking her kid
At first she thought

It was a mannequin

I made the mistake of stumbling across the uncensored crime scene photos of the famous unsolved murder of the Black Dahlia murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947 whose body was found in Leimert Park in Los Angeles California. It is absolutely scary the sick evil things a human can do to another human. I can handle fake horror movies, but real crime scene photos, no matter how old, always make me sick, sometimes for days.

A killer was never convicted and the crime was never solved. “Naked bone white bleach” is describing how an old photograph can make light color look bone white, and her skin looked like that in old photographs. “Glasgow Smile” is the name of particular type of facial cut made as a torture or disfiguring act to make someone ugly, even if they survive. It is when you cut someone’s lips to their ears. I only learned that just now from reading the wikipedia article. ” Bomber’s Body” and “pinup” are basically referring to the WW2 female Glamor look she had as if she could be the painting on the side of a B52 bomber, or the sultry actress in a Bogart movie.

I would NOT recommend looking her up if you are sensitive. I myself had to write about it because it was so disturbing to see the old photographs I couldn’t hold it in.

THE FOLLOWING is the Black Dahlia wiki article, IT IS NOT photographically graphic, BUT it does contain graphic descriptions of the murder. It is too bad nobody was ever convicted.


One response to “Cut Short(not for sensitive readers, GRAPHIC POEM)”

  1. I read this fleetingly, Brian because I’m feeling so sensitive about my own issues right now and didn’t want to be triggered. This event and the loss of an innocent life are beyond awful and tragic. I haven’t read the Wiki article for the same reasons. However, it is a good piece of writing, which is the reason I’ve ‘liked’ it. I do hope you get this comment as I’m aware my last few comments have disappeared and I doubt you are receiving them. I can’t see anywhere on your blog page where I can contact you. Perhaps, I’ll try to reach you via message on Twitter. I hope this will be acceptable to you. Take care … Ellie


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