Dear Hunter

Dear Hunter, By Brian37 (AKA Brian37 AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

You don’t have to
Ram it down his throat
That football
Is something he

Knows nothing about
You are not a
But a McCall

L 56
Always a wreck
Need a washer
No, you had a drier

Was always in your face
You didn’t like being called
The “brass cupcake”

Homicide was your beat
You policed the L.A. Streets
I just read your like
Of my Tweet

That was really neat.

“Hunter” was a tv cop who had a partner (character) named Dee Dee McCall. Just like Kelly from Charlie’s angels I also wanted Dee Dee to jump through that TV screen and save me from the bullies.

Anyway heads up on some of the references in the show.

Fred Dryer before playing the character “Hunter” was a player in the NFL and on the LA Rams before he started acting. There was an inside joke on the show Hunter where Dee Dee’s character says “What would you know about football”.

L-56 was the car number of the pair and whatever car they had was always a big junker as a running joke in the show.

“Terwilliger” was an internal affairs cop who was inept and nobody liked and was always trying to get Hunter and Dee Dee in hot water, but never does in the show.

“Brass cupcake” was a sexist line used in the first season, fortunately that got dropped.

Anywho, I got a like today from the actress for saying I liked the show Hunter and that inside joke about Hunter not knowing anything about football.

I got a “like” from one of my Tweets from the actress Stepfanie Kramer who played Dee Dee. This poem is not serious at all. It is just a fond and silly look back and another “isn’t that neat” that someone I liked watching on TV recognized me.


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