The Myth Of Isolation

The Myth Of Isolation, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrss37 on Twitter)

The dunes
Of the equator
Barron arid abandon
Seems like nothing
Can exist in
But that is when
You realize the oasis
Is not a marriage
There are others
Felling the heat
Along with you
The water is there
If you look for it.

While it is true
Impossible to
Live through
The exact lives
Of others
This desert
Is uncovered

You have company
There are many
Looking for
That same well
In the middle
Of the lonely hell
No one can tell

You how to feel
But if you talk it through
With those around you
You’ll see their pain too

And as alone
As you may feel
That well was never dry
Others understand why you cry.

So when the heat
Is really high
And the sandstorm
Blinds your eyes

You feel close
To your demise
The illusion
That is the real lie

Is that you are alone
Dry bone, gone, withered
Dust evaporated,

It doesn’t have to be
That desperate fatality
Just do yourself a favor
And talk to somebody.

I have been severely depressed, lonely and a deep feeling of isolation many times in my life. But as old and wise as I am now, and especially having watched my late mother take her last breath, I can tell you life can throw some really horrible unbearable pain at you.

But you really are not as alone as you think. If you ever feel that low, talk to someone. You don’t even have to have all the answers, nobody ever does. Sometimes you simply just want a shoulder to cry on, without any advise to be given, just an ear to listen to you.

But seeking answers or not, don’t hold it in, let it out, get it out. That to me has always proven to be the best coping mechanism for me. Nobody has to tell you what to do or fix everything for you. If you want advice that is fine too. But if all you want is an ear to listen, that is fine too.

But ultimately, always know, you really are not as alone as you may think.


5 responses to “The Myth Of Isolation”

  1. This is such a beautiful and heartfelt piece of writing, Brian. I can really identify with it a lot. I also find that the best way to express my pain or distress is in the written word. I feel that’s similar to you, my friend (forgive me if I’m wrong). I think we have quite a bit in common through some of the patterns of our lives and perhaps, have a good understanding of communicating with others through our writing. I feel that being here on my blog is my tool for linking up with others who are often like-minded. I hope you are well today.


  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and sensitive thoughts and feelings, as always, Brian. I identify with so many of the pieces you share, this one especially. I am so grateful for the friendship and mutual support that we have discovered between us. It helps me to know that I’m not alone in my despair, and neither are you, my friend. I, too, believe that it helps to express our thoughts to others in a supportive environment, such as WordPress, where we have many friends and supporters. Better out than in, as they say. Once again, I’m so sorry that you lost your dear mother in the way that you did. It must have been heartbreaking for you. I know it is something you live with daily, and I want you to know that I hear you and the pain you suffered at that time. Please take care of yourself. X 😘


  3. Dear Brian, I don’t know whether you’ll get this comment as I have left you two on this post. I checked back in here this morning to see if my comments have appeared, but no luck. IF you can see this comment, please would you check your spam in case my words have ended up in there. I don’t know what else to do as you don’t have any contact details on your blog. If you do get this, you can reach me at I will always be pleased to hear from you. I do hope this message reaches you. X 😘


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