Ally Cats, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Aaron Spelling
I am glad that
Part of your pitch

Got shot down
But you brought
Sabrina, Jill and Kelly

To town
Every woman
Wanted to be them

And every guy around
Well, lets just say
We had gone crazy

I had the board game
And that pink van
I watched you every week

As much as I can
Dreamed of being rescued
Dreamed of dating you

Now it is 2022
You think it was all through
But no

Two weeks ago
I got the thrill of my life
The actress took the time

To answer fan’s questions
Online, I didn’t know
If Jaclyn would take the time

I asked her who
Her favorite poet was
And her favorite movie

I didn’t expect an answer
Her fans,
She had so many

But there it was on the screen
I shouted a giddy scream
This has to be a dream!

Just so that you know
She loves Maya

Her auto correct
“Gone With The Window”

And just so you all know
I have a friend down the road
Who wants to give kittens a home

I was originally
Only going to get one
But two are going to be far more fun

Both are going to be girls
One named Anneplath
No, no, that’s not a gaff

Can you guess the second?
Garrett would be a hint
That Tweet is what did it

Aaron Spelling thank you
I may not have three Angels
But a kitty named Kelly is fine with me.

FYI Aaron Spelling pitched the idea for the show and originally called it Ally Cats. I am sooooo glad that did not turn out to be the case. I don’t think the show would have lasted. Anywho it ended up being called what everyone knows now.

So two weeks ago, I got a Tweet from THE Jaclyn Smith in a Q and A online not expecting it considering the volume of fans she has. I ssssss’d my pants when I saw the Tweet and I shook for a good half hour.

Now, I am very realistic about all this. She is just an actor, she has a life of her own, we are not friends we do not know each other. But it is still a neat thing when you get to converse with or shake hands with someone you admire.

And her auto correct kicked in and replaced “Wind” with “Window” when I asked her what her favorite movies were.

So now that this has happened, I am annoying (in a very silly playful sense) the hell out of my friends constantly reminding them I got at Tweet from Kelly. Kind of like when Harry Stone from “Night Court” talks about singer Mel Torme or Christine Sullivan talks about Princess Diana all the time.



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