You’ve Told Me Once

You’ve Told Me Once, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Thank you for your concern
Yea, I know, fiery pit, brimstone
You don’t want me
To take the elevator downstairs

He cares, he cares
But if I dare
Not follow him
Or use my head

A lighting bolt
Will strike me dead
How easily do you think
I can be lead?

He cares so much
He watches me pee
He cares about
With whom I sleep

And lucky me
I ran into you
Lucky planet
You’re the only one who

Knows him so well
That’ I’ll burn in hell
Like a snotty little brat
On me you’ll tattle tale

I seriously don’t get it
Why are you in it
At all? In a beef
In which you aren’t involved?

If it is up to him
And not up to you
You’re a third party
Get out of our way

It’s none of your business
In any case, isn’t it what you say
That he’s the only one
Who can judge?

You’re stubborn
You won’t budge
You have to speak for him
Make logic out of sludge?

Of me you do begrudge?
For I think not like you
I’m not subject to your abuse
Your narcissism your insecurity

You think you are
Better than me
You told me once
Stop you dunce!

I am a mouse
He is a giant
You don’t like me
Because I am defiant

Seems silly to me
He’d need you to plead
For him, knowing how did deed
All the universe and history

You’ve told me once
Stop repeating yourself
I don’t bow to hollow threats
I don’t need your help.

I can accept it when someone is well intended in concern, but after you tell me the first time, shut up, seriously. I do not see how an alleged all powerful being couldn’t handle a mere mortal like me without your help. You told me once, “You’re going to burn in hell, I don’t want you to burn in hell”


You are a third party sticking your nose in a beef you are not involved in. I can tolerate the first time, but if I ask you to stop preaching to me, and you don’t stop, I am going to cease to be polite.


3 responses to “You’ve Told Me Once”

    • A long time ago, a little over 20 years ago my then, wife told me she wanted a divorce. It was a kick in the gut. A co worker I thought was my friend, who knew I was an atheist I had confided in, and I told him the first time when I talk about it I don’t want him telling me he’ll pray for me. He kept doing it, “god this” “god that” and I finally said, “Dude, you keep doing that when I ask you not to, you are not listening or being my friend, you are making it about you.”

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