Not a poem, but I love thinking about science.

Anywho, after writing “8 Minutes Ago” earlier today, just thinking about different things in science blows my mind. That poem was about a photon. But other things boggle my brain thinking about.

On of the bigger examples for me are neutrinos. Those things are so small they can PASS THROUGH SOLID PLANETS! Point is, nothing, nothing is truly “solid”.

Red Giant stars too. Pluck our puny sun out of the center of our solar system, replace it with a “red giant” star, and the surface of that red giant would extend past the orbit of Saturn. F——– MEEEEEE!

Color is not in the object. It took me forever to accept this. Color only exists in light waves. That freaks me out, but it is true. What we perceive as color are the light waves that do not get absorbed by the object, but bounce off of the object into our eyes.

And how many of our sun’s size mass could fit into a super massive black hole? Try 1,000 MILLION of our sun’s mass!


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