Living Suicide

Living Suicide, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The old man
Clocked in
On his 75th

Toiled in
Toiled in manufacturing
His bones were creaking

The old woman
Clocked in on her
77th birthday
She had saved and saved

A denial here
A denial there
Insurance companies
Didn’t care

Both of them
Their cupboards bare
Bankrupt even with

And that construction worker
And hotel maid
Two or three jobs
Every day

Under the smoke stacks
In poison rivers
Put food on the table
No heat in the winter

And all they do
Is get older and older
No dignity to sit down
No moment for slumber

Is this the “dream”
So fervently claimed?
This slow suicide
In such we take pride?

We cannot accept this
No mater what class
One may end up
No one should ever

Have to work till they drop
If you’ve put in your time
That should be enough
To retire in dignity


3 responses to “Living Suicide”

  1. This is such a tender piece of writing, Brian. I agree with your thoughts and words wholeheartedly. Where I am, the pension age is currently 66, but this is increasing, firstly to 67 and then before much longer, 68! I find that appalling. People (like those in your poem) have toiled and fought through so many years, often of hardship, and could potentially only have a few years left on this Earth to ‘enjoy’ their old age if their health and state of mind are good. We shouldn’t have to live our lives like this. What happened to all those plans that people have for their happy retirement years? This poem is truly food for thought. Thanks for sharing.


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