Virtuous, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

If I told you
To drive your car
With a blindfold on

Would you?
If I told you
The pilot

Of your passenger jet
Just got their license
10 minutes ago

Would you? Would you?
Get on it? Would you
Be confident, Would you

Feel safe? Well that is
The absurdity of faith
I don’t call it a virtue

I call it intellectual laziness
The fear of being wrong
The fear of the unknown

Hiding behind ignorance
Rather than kicking the tires
You seek candy canes

And the ragdolls of childhood
Because the shadows of night
The fear of being finite

Lead you to buy
A comforting lie
I understand

You don’t want to die
Neither do I
But I do try

To find the truth
Not what some old book
Antiquity sold you

Why should it
Why should it
Frighten you

To know the earth
Is a globe, not flat
To know the flood

Is a myth, and no
I do not claim
Such absurdities

That a monkey
Gave birth
To my mother

I hold my statement
You’re about to read
To be solid and sturdy

“If our species
Never questioned
Social norms”

“Our species
Never would have
Left the caves”.

It is not the end
It is not
Doom and gloom

To figure out
The formation
Of our moon

Our species
Did not
Go extinct

When Galileo
Told the truth
Despite his punishment

By the church.
Facts are worth
Evidence and proof

I find no virtue
In fearful ostrich

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