It’s Easy, All You Have To Do

“It’s Easy, All You Have To Do”, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on @Twitter)

Don’t you get
A little queasy,
When a friend offers

You advice “easy peasy”
But then goes on into
A ancient Greek play
Medea soliloquy

You’re looking through
That road map of
Universal remote codes
You’re head is going to explode

Your friend failed to tell you
They were district manager
For the local Ikea
And you had no idea

You were making toast
And they read you
War And Peace
Swedish meatballs please

They want to help
Crack the enigma code
But all you wanted was
Pie ala mode

You just wanted
To watch a movie
And they read you
The entire Encyclopedia

Insert tab A
Into slot B
They turn into
A complicated mystery

“It’s easy”
“All you have to do”

I am just being silly here. But we’ve all had that friend or family member who offers you advice on something that should be easy and they go on to “explain” and you just get exhausted listening to a “how to” when you mention that you are going to boil a pot of water.

“Well, first you, then you………………………………….” and it all starts sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher. I actually just wrote this after reading a recipe my friend John posted on his page and it was long, and he started it off with something like “Here’s a quick and easy”……….


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