Left Unmade

Left Unmade, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrrs37 on Twitter)

That queen or king
With the silky sheets
Left in in dawn’s rush
A ruffled jumbled mess

Separate calls part the pair
Toil in the heat or desk
Evening comes once again
Bodies tired linked intwined

I saw you sing
At a tiny club
Sullen notes
Sang of love

Pretty girls
On their own
You call
Shelter two small children

Stand tall stand tall
Broadway be anyway at all
Postcards from times gone by
Your songs gave me goose bumps

You can make us cry
Violin and cello
Softly sway
Teardrops on their way

Time is frozen clay
I wish it was that way
I wish that bedding
Was still left unmade

The story of loves
The shelter of decay
Time is the future photograph
Glitches and scratches and fade

This is a poem about the only indi/song writer in America I can truly say I love very song on her album. Lori Carson’s album “Shelter” is a must listen for the sullen/love pain songs, intimacy abandonment, loneliness, his wondering eyes, type goose bump tear jerking music. But not in a cliche’ way.

It has a very deep serious sound to it, I find very compelling and unique that I don’t hear in any other artist. She is one of a kind to me and for Lori to grab my attention and pull me into music I am not normally into, says a a lot about her talent. I only wish she had gotten bigger than she did.


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