E-lawn Mask

E-lawn Mask, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

What’s the matter E-lawn
Are you afraid of Valerie?
Are you afraid of Kathy?
Are you afraid of AOC?

You were so gung ho
About letting the “innocent”
Back on, the “innocent”
People that spew election lies

The “innocent” people
Who use the “n” word
Like Niagara Falls
Use twitter halls

For antisemitism calls
We know, we know
They’re not doing anything
Wrong at all

It’s all “free speech”
No harm in the least
Except January 6th
The instigators did

Use this platform
To call for treason
Their “reason”

What’s the matter
E-lawn, not so fun
Is it, when you
Are the joke?

A certain rich person with space dildos got upset that they got picked on, and now they are being petty because they can’t admit they were wrong, and shouldn’t have screwed all the people trying to keep the place tidy, not charging more wouldn’t have hurt wealthier users will piss off everyday middle class and working users.

But just so the electrifying narcissist doesn’t blow a gasket. Here is my dis claimer PARODY!

But why would I even need to type that because he makes himself a joke all by himself in any case.

This post is not intended to reflect the positions of WordPress.com or it’s CEOs or any of its employees. All posts at this page posted by me are my opinions alone.


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