What the hell Gravatar?

Not a poem. Ok, so I see some people liking my poem and I can get to their blogs fine. Or I am at their blog, and I click on someone else’s avatar and I get stuck at the stupid “GRAVATAR” page instead of going to their actual blog. Why am I stuck in that loop?

I read some one’s comments on a poem at another blog, that makes me interested in their blog, but it directs me to “GRAVATAR” then I get to the “GRAVATAR” page and click again on their profile link and it just rebuffers that page, it takes me nowhere.

One response to “What the hell Gravatar?”

  1. I have precisely the same issue with Gravatars. It’s infuriating, isn’t it? I, too, come across someone’s comments that I like or can connect to, only to find I’m taken around and around in circles and come out still none the wiser. There’s an option to include your website details on the Gravatar page. I know I discovered it a while after I set my blog up, but goodness knows where I found it now!


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