Stanthorpe, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Not quite the outback
But the edge of the bush
Slightly hilly in places
Aussie Mayberry you’d say

I took a ride in a side car
On my host’s motorcycle
He whizzed around corners
Zig zagging while I sat low

Two nights in a row
I spent there at their
Bed and breakfast
Their backyard my boon

My insomnia
Brought no gloom
I sat all night
In the lawn chair

Staring up
At the clear sky
The beaming moon
Charlotte must have been

Her name, those dazzling
Children, in the millions
I had never seen
So many, crowded

No elbow room
No city glare
To block my view
The stars all knew

I was looking at you
And your children too
Waving hi to me
Pristine quietude

Contemplating nothing
In awe and wonder
Glimmering shower
Cosmos white

Rind stones
Down under
If upside down
Then why, why

Couldn’t I
Fall into them
Hug them
Be swarmed by them

Beaming Charlotte
Bending space/time
You slowly creep away
Daylight robs me again.

I visited Stanthorpe in Queensland Australia, which is a tiny Mayberry type place, you could say. One day my host took me on a motorcycle ride which had a side car. It was neat sitting that low, but I can honestly say he did take some of the corners a bit too fast for me.

Anyway the highlight for me, and I am really not into small rural towns. But that time of year the clear night time sky was absolutely full of stars, I really had never seen so many. I really didn’t care about sleep at that point. I sat in the chair, drank my beer, smoked my cigarettes, and just looked up. My mind calm and at ease and really comforting. It was amazing.

2 responses to “Stanthorpe”

  1. I think I’d have been terrified travelling in a sidecar. However, it sounds like it was well worth the sharp corners to be able to see the clear night sky with all those crystal-like stars.


    • He did go a bit too fast for me. But it was still fun. Back when I was a kid, I longed to see some part of the Southern hemisphere. I never thought I’d ever go there. I got to see so much, much more than I expected. I wish everyone in the world could travel. I think the most important thing it taught me is that people really are not that different as we think.

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