Garble De Goo

Garble De Goo, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

In a couple of days
I just might ask
A question of you

At that point
My heart will race
My chest will pound

Will be my sound
You are you
You know who you are

I know this is silly
For you to make me giddy
One leg at a time
That’s what they say

About pants
But that doesn’t matter
You are you
I’ll be flustered through

My words trip wires
Spilling off my tongue
Like molasses, dripping
Spittle, star struck stupor

You are you
What do I do
What do I say
Garble de goo

My Brian name is
Meet to nice you
I you, you, um, um
Garble de goo

I don’t know
I don’t know
I don’t know
What to do

You are you
Everyone knows you
I say don’t what you say
To you, it’s garble de goo

Relax you say?
No way, no way
You are you
All I have is garble de goo.

I have long since accepted that the famous people one might run into are just people like you. They hold no special powers, they need food, and have emotions and family and do the bathroom business just like you.

And I also know that they are not your personal friends either. Liking someone’s work, say their sports, their acting, their comedy, their paintings, their business, their work, only means you like their work. You are not their family, you are not their friends. If you are blurring that line then you need help, that kind of projection is not good.

Having said that, though, even when you are well adjusted, and you know they are not your family or friends, and you simply like their work. Even I still can get star struck at the prospect of meeting someone of whom you like their work.

I made a complete fool of myself once when I met one of my favorite authors Christopher Hitchens, asked for his autograph but did not have anything for him to sign my Evolve Fish license plate. I stumbled my words trying tell him I’d be right back.

Ok fast forward to today. In a couple of days I may have a chance to ask one of my favorite actresses from my childhood a question. Fortunately it will be submitted in text so I don’t have to worry about my speech. But the prospect of her saying my name directing her answer to me through her page, well, lets just say I could die a happy man minutes later.

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