The 69 Mets

The 69 Mets, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

“Club med for the dead”
Is what David said
Kandinski escaped
So seemed his death

But Maddie wasn’t buying it
She thought it a trick
How could a dead man
Have his chest cracked, brain weighed

And then catch a bus
But David insisted it must
It must, be the supernatural
That allowed for such

In the office the pair in a fuss
Arguing over the cause of his death
“God, there you go, everyone believes
In him” he said

But instead, of getting a response
“Oh I agree employee, I see, I see”
Stone faced, no expression
Maddie steadfastly

In shock of the lack of response
David sat up on the couch in shock
“How could you not?”
Maddie’s response

“What can I say, I don’t…..”
David promptly covered her mouth
Shushed and looked around
“Why even say that, he might hear you.”

Maddie annoyed put hands on hips
“Nobody will strike me, no one will smite me”
It was the first time for me
I’d ever seen anyone raise skepticism

Outside the show, while I did not know
What I know now, of the arguments for
I simply bought, because that’s what one did
But underneath, it made no sense

“A myth and a hoax”, an inside joke
For fans of the show, and the baseball team
But if I could, meet the writers
I’d thank them, for her questioning.

This poem is about an episode of the 1980s comedy/drama/romance private eye show “Moonlighting” which stared Bruce Willis and Cybill Sheppard. The episode is in season 2 “In God We Strongly Suspect”.

I had long since thought about god and religion “this is some weird stuff people are saying/claiming. But back then I really felt I had to believe that stuff to fit in. Then came that episode, and I was already a fan of that show. And when Maddie sat there stone faces when she didn’t agree with David that Kandinsky didn’t come back from the dead, and there was no God involved it knocked me over like a bowling pin, and that meant it was ok to question.

However, like any good plot they have to counter balance it in the end to make it passed the censors I guess, and unfortunately Maddie says at the end of the episode “Yea, I did consider it” meaning the existence of God. Still my favorite episode though.


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