Brick Wall

Brick Wall, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrs37 on Twitter)

The words, seeds
Pollenated by observation
Participation, aggravation

Inspiration, wall, wall, wall
Stall, stall, stall
Ring, ring, voice chat call

Dog barking at dusk
TV graphics, screen saver
Bright colors my eyes accost

From across
My mind is quickly lost
Racing fast to recover
My thoughts, my thoughts

They run from me
Outpacing me, lapping me
Vanishing, vapors of what could be

I step on the pedal
My furious futile efforts
To save the structure

I turn the corner
Almost clutch them
I jump the curb,

Slam dead on
Straight into
A brick wall

The poem is DOA
There is no way
It will make it to the E.R.

Another Plath inspired poem. This is an ode to her poem “Stillborn”. It is about my own writer’s block, or even just losing a line here or there, and having to scrap the idea of the entire poem.

There literally is a dog barking right now as I type this. Between that, and the screen saver in the corner of my eye on my big flat screen TV is a distraction.

In other situations on other days/nights, the distractions can be insomnia, neighbor’s noises, birds chirping, my ankles swelling, my feet on fire. Lots of things can distract me, and I have an idea for a poem, I get started, but hit a brick wall and often give up on that idea a the moment because I am not feeling it. I can’t force myself to write when the mood isn’t striking me.


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