Centripetal Force

Centripetal Force, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Kelly had a date
The autistic boy couldn’t wait
Always looked for her to say
The amusement park their day

There were two up to no good
One of them lost their gun
Skip picked it up
Shot Kelly, while they ran

Too young to understand
The autistic boy went on the run
But he had kept in mind
Kelly’s nursery rhyme

Sabrina, Jill, and Bosley
Wondering how she’d been shot
Obviously, went to the hospital
And questioned her to find

Skip followed the rhyme
Collecting things on his way
A kitten, seaweed, seashells
And a white stallion, the ride of heros

The killers were tracking him too
They had left a body behind
The boy has seen them that time
A witness to aftermath of the crime

One of the thugs posed of
Skips father at the hospital
While Kelly tried to recover
She unwittingly blew Skip’s cover

She told the killer of the rhyme
And where Skip might go
The stallion at the merry go round
The killer was hoping skip to be found

Kelly got out of bed
Called a cab and then
Told the driver it was
A matter of life and death

The two thugs had found him
And were about to kill him
But brave Kelly head in bandage
Wasn’t going to let that happen

She punched and kicked
Skip jumped in
Sabrina, Jill and Bosley
And the cops arrived finally

Long enough to distract them
One got away and ran into
That ride that pins you and spins you
Centripetal force is useful

The Angels won the day
Skip went back home to mother
A bright future for them together
Kelly couldn’t have been happier.

This poem is about one of my favorite original Charlie’s Angels episodes ever. It is in season 1 “To Kill An Angel”. Kelly volunteers on her time off to do day care for an autistic boy and often takes him out to the Amusement park. And according to the plot, you find out that Kelly is the only person Skip(the autistic boy) will open up to.

She would often tell him a nursery story, and his face would light up when she told it, as implied by the episode. Anyway they go to the amusement park, but unknown to either, are a couple of guys, whom you find out later had killed another guy at the amusement park, but the one guy had dropped his gun, and Skip saw the guy, but didn’t know what the gun was and thought it was a toy.

Kelly sees Skip, not the killer, but only Skip, and he accidentally shoots her, knocking her out, but not killing her. He panics and feels guilty and runs away. Jill and Sabrina and Bosley meet her at the hospital and question her as to where the boy might go. She is not sure at first.

Until one of the killers pretends to be his father and questions her at the hospital, she finally remembers that it might be him trying to find the things in the nursery rhyme, the “stallion” being a horse on the merry go round. So she inadvertently tells him. But finally realizes she had been duped, and gets out of bed and hails a cab to go to the Amusement park where the final confrontation happens.

One of the killers ends up being stuck in that ride that pins you against the wall and Jill turns the ride on so he cant reload his gun. The episode has Skip out of the mental hospital where Kelly had met him, and back home at his mother’s house whom the state said they would let try to keep him again.

I was a pre teen at the time that episode came out new. Having been bullied as a kid, when I saw that, I wanted Kelly to be my hero too. It is one of my favorite episodes.


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