Pidders, By Brian37(AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

If rednecks
Can say “tators”
If they can say “fixin”
Take a second and listen

Tweety tought he saw
A puddy tat
Can you, can you
Imagine that?

Well then
How about this
I’ll make up a new word
I’ll take that chance

“Pidders is what you say
When you want a picture
Of the puddy in it’s layer
Especially of a kit taaah

Take your “pidders”
Or many say selfie
Post it on Twitter
Or Tic Toc maybe

Take a “pidder”
Of your puddy
Playing with twine
Or chasing a laser

Or just lying there, lazy
Comfy closed eyes
Curled up in your lap
Late at night

Take a “pidder”
Of your puddy
Jumping around
Being silly

Pouncing and stalking
Chasing and romping
Tail twitching and priming
Their legs and tummy

Take a “pidder”
Of your puddy
Share it with the world
Make everyone happy.

I made up a new word “pidder”. It means to take a picture of your puddy cat, especially your kitten.


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