Come With Me

Come With Me, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

“Come with me
If you want to live”
But Arnold’s too old
No honey to give

He don’t need no
He don’t need no
Nail control

Ready made home
Just one thing
Standing in the way
Of this mason bee

This stubborn nail
In the wall
You’d think it too heavy
You’d think it too long

And those tiny tiny legs
How could they do it
I understand the pollen
But how is it so strong?

A centimeter here
A centimeter more
Holy crap he’s going to do it
Pull that nail out of the wall

It takes one not long
To become his fan
Watching him do it
You shout “You can! You can!”

He didn’t need high hopes
Or rubber tree plants
Just a hole in the wall
Ready made for him.

I’d loved to have read
A poem from Plath
About this intrepid bee
If she had not met her death.

This is a poem about a Twitter video I just saw where a bee pulled a nail out of a wall. It didn’t take long watching this to end up cheering the bee on hoping it would get the nail out, and it does. Hopefully my attempt to post the video here will work.


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