Notice The Pebble

Notice The Pebble, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Will my name
Explode across marquees
Or fizzle out
In a wave of time?

A pebble I am
Will future eyes
Gaze upon my words?
Or along with my flesh
Demise will take?

A pebble I am
Will new professors
Debate my wisdom?
Or dismiss it
As junk?

A pebble I am
In a face of worlds
With meshing voices
Decibels insurmountable
In a face of worlds
With many headlines
And no solutions
Who will notice?

A pebble I am
Small, so small am I
Facing rocks, boulders
And cliffs
If that be the terrain
It is so the path of choice

A pebble I am
To many others
But count I will
The ones who care
They be the ones
My riches I share.

I wrote this long ago when I first joined a poetry group back in the late 80s. It still means something to me today. You have to write poetry first and foremost because you love to. Most poets will NOT become famous like Dickenson or Plath or Sexton or Mia or Frost.

“In a face of worlds” was on purpose. Basically each poet/life is a world with it’s own face or faces.


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