Movie Review, “Don’t Breath”

I really got pissed at the makers because of the cliche’ bullshit that if you don’t believe in God you are capable of the doing the worst of the worst to others. In it a blind man, defends his house from 3 late teen or early 20s trio of home invaders wanting to rob him of $300,000 dollars.

He had won a lawsuit against a woman who killed his daughter in a car accident. You don’t know this at the beginning of the movie, but the invaders find out that he had kidnapped her and was keeping her in the basement and got her pregnant so he could replace the daughter he lost. Sick and twisted plot.

Well when the female home invader sees this and gets caught and detained by the blind man, she starts screaming for God, and he says, “There is no God. When you don’t believe in God you are capable of anything” basically that is what the character says. THAT FUCKING PISSED ME OFF.

Atheists are no different than any other label. We have good individuals as well as bad individuals. But how we behave as individuals is in the individual, not the label. Atheists don’t want to barbecue your kittens or murder you. I get tired of seeing bullshit like this in mass media.

He made a great bad guy, because he was a bad guy, not because he said he didn’t believe in God.


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