Rated G, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

The proud father
Of four, flipped through
His morning paper
To the entertainment section

He was thinking
Of what he could do
On the weekend
With his family

And there the words were
“Opening Friday, rated G
For the entire family”

The night came
Putting them in the lobby
Buying their popcorn
Soda and snacks

All impatient
During the previews
The excitement to come

As the credits rolled
The ominous music
Pounded out
Their immoral movie

But it was not butter
On their popcorn
It was the blood
Of indoctrination

If Dr. Doolittle
Had sold Lot
Or Malachi 2:3
Would the movie be rated G?

If Luke Skywalker had said
“Kill all the boys
And save the girls”
As in Numbers 31:17-18

Would this proud father
Take his family
To that movie
Or call it moral?

If Harry Potter Said
“Kill the firstborn”
Would he be a hero?
Should he be a hero?

When they talk of the flood
None of these parents
In reality would
Take their kid to a morgue

Drowned bodies
Are bloated, distorted
And smell
On the slab

This “blockbuster
Is not cute
Nor suited
For the young

It is full of gore
And genocide

Rated G
Would hardly be
An appropriate rating
For this horror film

The pulpit actor
On Sunday’s screen
Shouts to the young
“You should fear him!”

Crippling them
Into needless submission
No chance for them
To decide for themselves

If that does not work
He becomes the concession stand
Selling them fictional Goobers
Popcorn and Junior Mints that don’t exist

This same poor player
Bribes them with farm animals
In pairs
On the tables in waiting rooms

No sane parent
Is going to expose
Their child that young
To Misty Beethoven

So to these parents
I ask the following
If rightfully the case
Then why the hypocrisy?

If that book
You falsely call “good”
Then read all of it
While they are young

Shout at them
Like you claim
God threatens us
For our own good

Advocate violence
Beat them
Like you say
We deserve

Read every word
To them
Rape their minds
While you can

You recoil at these words
As sick blasphemy
But the poor player
Sells it on Sunday

It will never be
“Rated G”
And it will never be
A “Good book”.

You could read it
All of it, every word
Without censorship.

ONCE AGAIN, this is not a poem of hate. It ESPECIALLY is not about promoting violence. I abhor violence.

It is a criticism of what I see as a mere book, and not a history book. I read the bible like one would go see a very bad movie that everyone else likes.

It is funny how holy people and parent skip over the nasty stories, the gory stories, the violent stories, and the stories of advocating taking children and females as prizes in war. Or killing off the male firstborn. And who did Adam and Eve have sex with if they only had two sons? And who did the 7 or 12 people of the Noah story have sex with to repopulate the planet?

And could you imagine if a real court judge behaved like God did with the Pharaoh? Imagine if a bank robber got 20 years, but the judge also sentenced his firstborn male to death too.

Point isn’t to call for the end of religion one bit. It is however a call to stop blindly swallowing everything and skipping over the inconvenient parts.


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