OPEC Pie, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

It seems to be
Blasphemy, to many
If you dare speak of
Pineapple on pizza

Sardines, sardines
Smelly, slimy, why me?
Even if I don’t have to eat it
The smell is savage

Mushrooms, who decided
That rubber and cheese
Belong together
On a pie?

Fine, fine, fine
It is no business of mine
If I am not forced to eat it
How other people dine

But there is one thin line
Chicago, thin, NY,
Stuffed crust
I absolutely don’t like

Why do people like OPEC
Their pepperoni on top
Filled with grease
Like little Jacuzzis?

It looks like the sweat
Of a pimple faced teen
Acne red, oily, nasty
Greasy, yucky

I cannot see, cannot see
For the ever loving tastebuds
Why anyone likes this
I don’t like that on top of my cheese

My pepperoni, sees not
The light of day, I want it
Six feet under, I always
Like it that way.

I don’t like OPEC pizza
I am not that kind of guy
I don’t need an oil change
When I go to get a pie.

To be sensitive to teens who have acne, trust me I know, I used to have horrible acne myself. It is no fun. But lets face it, it is an unfortunate part of many lives at that age, but also at the same time, nothing at all to be ashamed of.


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