Darkness Over Judy

Darkness Over Judy, By Brian (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

He was watching over you
Protecting you
He didn’t want people
Hurting you Judy

They were nasty to you
Always taking advantage of you
He saw you were innocent
He was your “guardian angel”

In a wave of rage
The music played
He shot the pawn broker
Though he never met her

All good dogs
Get to heaven

Your first was a sailor
You thought was a narcotics dealer
He was in Honolulu
For the first time

Of dates
You were obsessed
You wouldn’t dare give
Judy’s enemy’s rest

You killed the Royce
He gave you no choice
The bank president embezzled
Judy he had implicated

Lott stole not the Van
But Steve would find his man
Employ the cartoonist
That was the plan

Danny put on his blues
Showed up in the funnies too
The killer to protect the moon
The cop he did pursue

But it was
All a ruse
Arthur had no clue
What Steve was up to

It was all a trap
The killer was finally caught
The truth he did not see
There was no Judy Moon.

This poem is an ode to one of my favorite episodes of the Original Hawaii Five 0 “Draw Me A Killer”. It is about a disturbed person who confuses a Sunday cartoon as real life, and picks victims to kill that look like the cartoon characters in the fictional “Judy Moon” cartoon in the episode. The killer “Arthur” even stumbles on a woman who looks like the lady in the cartoon and harasses her in the episode trying to convince her he is protecting her.


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