Cosmic Orwell

Cosmic Orwell, By Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Every second, half second
Nanosecond, it is on
All the time

It watches you
With your partner
It watches you in the bathroom

It cares whom you love
It will burn you and torture you
If you think for yourself

Your neurons are his
Not yours
Your thoughts are dependent

On doing his bidding
But the camera is hidden
Invisible, everywhere all the time

It records crime all the time
But the 9-1-1 dispatcher
Takes selective break time

While you have cancer
While your kid is missing
While your wife is murdered

And you are ok with this?
He roots for you favorite sports team
You found your missing keys

He can destroy your house
He can destroy your health
He can to what he may please

But you have no privacy
And you are ok with this?
This constant intrusion?

You are the broken horse
Tied to the invisible post
The one with no bridle or rope

And you live so out of fear
Big brother is always near
The blackmail is all so clear

And you are ok with this?


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