Handkerchief, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

This tongue of serpent
Forked three times
If not more

You fooled the Moor
But long before
The seeds of lore

You sewed seething
In her father’s head
Made him angry

This envy bred
Inside your head
That it was Cassio

Which thus promoted
Not you, yet instead
You plotted plots

The body’s dead
He stabbed his wife
Upon your word

A peace of cloth
Emilia picked up
The Moor knew not

The evils you wrought
But your wife exposed you
It was all for not

Into you
The blade he thrust
You lied to him

Broke his trust
And all from envy
All from lust

It couldn’t absorb
All that blood
You drug her name

Through the mud
She was innocent
But you cared not

Collateral damage
All to be, for your ill gains
You did not see.

This poem is about the giant tool bag Iago for plotting everyone against each other and getting innocent people killed because he got passed up for a promotion, and was jealous of the power and class and status the Moor Othello had and was pissed that Cassio got the promotion and not him.

And as history knows of this play, Iago failed ultimately and Othello stabbed him before he died. Iago survived but his plot was exposed by his wife telling the truth. Iago ends up as implied, taken of to prison to be tortured.


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