That Green Eyed Monster

That Green Eyed Monster, By Brian37(AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Alabaster on one side
Ebony ink onyx raven
Feathers of Iago disturbing

Cassio got the job
And not that of he
Iago thought of him

Unqualified, not of
Bruises or scratches
Lead not legions

What was that Moor thinking
How could he overlook me
I am Iago, far better than he

I shall convince you
Your wife Desdemona
Is worthy by your hand

Ceasing of to breath
You shall make her beyond
Then be of deep regret

When you realize
What you you’d done
And turn that knife on me.

Then on yourself
Out of unimaginable guilt
Of your insidious deed.

Really really short plot summery of the play Othello, which I am reading right now. This is my take on the plot summery. I like to read those before actually reading the play itself. It helps keep me focused on who is who and what is what, because Shakespeare is so fucking hard to read, and with that it still makes it easier to keep up rather than simply reading it blind like some can go into for the first time. Not me. I need that cheat sheet to understand his plays.

But by this time tomorrow I will have completely read the entire play. Only my second. I read Macbeth for the first time a couple weeks ago.

An aside, this also brings up my malady of A.D.D. . For some stupid reason I at first saw the character name “Iago” as a lower case “L” or “l” and didn’t realize it was a capital “I” so I originally typed “Lago” which has since been corrected. I thought it was some stupid Medieval spelling. But that is corrected now.


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