Not a poem. Just a rant, but also related somewhat.

I have very high anxiety, and am my own worst critic and feel worthless sometimes over the most trivial things others don’t. But with mental illness you can rationally know you are being irrational, but still be irrational.

So just now after letting a frozen meatless veggie patty burger though, I was looking forward to having a burger. It is true , these companies can make them taste like a real beef burger, and I do like them.

But I have also always been a klutz. I went to flip the burger and it ended up slipping off the spatula and hit the floor. Most people would be annoyed but not get so down on themselves. But I do. When I misspell a word, especially in a poem, feel lower than dirt. But I also feel stupid and worthless when I do what I did with the burger, and I do shit like that every damned day.

I cant fix it, I really can only take anxiety medications to reduce my symptoms and simply rant. I am not looking for answers, but sometimes I need to bitch, because it sucks. I know I am not being rational, but mental illness isn’t that easy to offer simple quick cliche answers.


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