“Anneplath” by Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

You read the title
You look perplexed
You don’t know exactly
What to make of it

Maybe, maybe,
I can explain it
It is a hybrid name
Of two poet’s fame

Anne Sexton’s first name
The prefix
Sylvia Plath’s last name
The suffix

What of this you ask?
Why did you do this
It looks silly to me
It makes no sense

You can laugh
You can scoff
I do not care in the least
Not one bit at all

The name is a new word
I created, to honor
Contribution to the arts
Of the world

The poems
Their stories told
All to be read
All to behold

Soaring into the sun
Envying the reaper’s robe
Tempest oceans
And sea coves

I marvel and wonder
Over their prose
Will this new name
I have proposed

Take on a life of it’s own
It means “Female Poet”
The power of her words
The talent they’ve shown.

Not that it will, but a new first name suggestion for a child, or pet. The name would simply mean “Poet”, or “female poet”.

And the explanation is in the title.

I’d suggest however, my preference of pronunciation would be like

“Little Orphan “Annie”-“Plath”. Or “Ann-a-plath” or “Ann-i-pleth” but spelled like the title “Ann-e-Plath”.

The lines “The poems
Their stories told” (was on purpose, not my malady, not an accident.)


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