Misteaks, Yes I Spilled That Rite

Mistakes, Yes, I Spilled That Rite By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Titter)

It was supposed to be “With me”
Instead I submitted “We me”
Maybe some find that funny
But for me, it makes me extremely angry

At myself. I want throw things, anything
Against the wall, my laptop, my coffee mug
I want it to be full of mistakes I can sweep up
Mop up, and throw away, forever

But no, the keyboard calls me, dares me
Laughs at me, knowing I will make a fool
My fingers defy me, my brain hates me!

I want to amputate my head, cut it off
It is beyond useless, it is a sunken ship
That is so broken, not even sea life
Want to call it home, it can never be a reef

It is truly a landfill, of desire, and desperation
Self loathing, writhing in acceptance, reluctantly
Clinging, to some reason not to quit, I cant quit
I am not going to let this malady take me

Mistakes? Yes, I spelled that right, this time
Way after “We me” was up for hours, it towers
Over me, taunting me, haunting me, killing me
Embarrassment, harassment, self inflicted.

I typed a short poem, but instead of typing “With me” I typed “we me”. I don’t want any fucking advice. I have heard all of it before, “Just do this, just do that” “slow down” “take your time”. That is not how my brain works. That is not how you fix something that is a malady. Some things you can only cope with, but never cure. It is still frustrating. I wish I could win the lottery, and have a fleet of editors to view my work before the public sees it. But my pockets are not deep.

The title was on purpose, but even in this poem, I had to come back and take out an extra word I missed and left in by mistake. It truly gets me really depressed sometimes. No matter how hard I try.


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