Shout out post, not a poem.

Heads up folks, you are going to be hearing a lot of shout outs for now, about Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton as I read them. I am no good at multi tasking an their works are monumental, so I want to focus on them for now. I will be frequently commenting on their poetry and or Plath’s Bell Jar, which I am loving to bits so far beginning chapter 6 now.

I just read an Anne Sexton poem “Racoon” and of course it is metaphor for her relationships with men, or how she views how men behave, or at least, that is my take on reading it. I also like her poem “Your Face On The Dog’s Neck”.

I am in love with their works so far, not very much I don’t like. So much so I have ordered 6 Sylvia Plath frig magnets and also getting an Anne Sexton magnet and mug. I’m surrounded. Books, mugs, magnets, I am being wonderfully held hostage.


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