Ego Divinely Inspired

Ego Divinely Inspired, By Brian37(AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on @twitter)

The twin accordions
Burned and crumbled like matchsticks
No longer playing the music
Of the briefcase

3,000 ways to say
I hate you. But on that day,
None of the quad-Kamikazes
Shouted “BANZAI”, but Allah had his say

Yet the burning Bush, in the Marlboro Mansion
Prays 1600 times, to guide the bombs
That maim and kill
Creating massive tombs

Do they think they’re back in school
Swinging on monkey bars?
Bragging about the biceps
Of their origins?

Is this what humanity has been reduced to?

I don’t remember those accordions
Ever playing monochromatic music
Jesus yet be, the only icon
Displayed in their absences

That day is not the ulcer of Genesis
Or the embarrassment of Mohammed
It is the manifestation of shame
That humanity doesn’t listen to the music of the accordions

One side attacks
The other points the finger
But no one listens to the screams
The screams of history

It is not your day
It is not your Jihad

It is your stupidity
In claiming
The monopoly
Of self-righteousness

Those accordions played the music of desire
Of the mosque, those in the pew
The music of the Yarmulkes
And long earlobes too

The forecast that day called for morning snow
Each flake a fragment
Of invoices, and resumes
Of proposals, and payrolls

This was a ticker tape parade
Where loathing sat in the convertible
Waving his fist maniacally at the bystanders
Daring history to repeat itself, screaming of divine intervention

And the Burning Bush
Responded in kind
And prayed to his absolute
Screaming for divine inspiration

The memory of that music
The accordions used to play
Should not be lost in selfish idealism
Demanding only one way

Jesus was not the only victim
Nor Bush, nor me
The attack on the towers
Was an attack on humanity

The cross outlined in chalk, crime scene investigators step over the corpses
Of Yahweh and Allah, Vishnu and Buddha too
The white cards, never marked their graves
Ever to be photographed

Still today, we want Moore religion
Massive stones marking our territory
Like a lion pissing on a bush
And wonder why we are attacked

You fools, it’s not the book you read
It is your arrogance, in loading the 3:57 <——- (read it like a bible verse)
And preying for divine guidance, for the bullets to hit their mark
So you can maintain your selfish status qoe

I can give you nine hundred and eleven
Reasons in human history
Ego divinely inspired
Will lead to the human pyre

Our kin of past
Or so we claim
Have past discretions
We’re not to blame

My index
Is not aimed at you
It is of lessons not learned
Wisdom not earned

Socrates was in those towers
He too was a victim
Made to drink the hemlock
And jump from the accordion

Grasping at the last notes of life
Vainly clawing at the sky
A victim of pantheistic zealots
Ending in a gruesome thump

Galileo too, crashed into the marble walls
Numbering in five, because of the ego
Of the cross, the world is flat
And I’m the boss

Yet in modern day
The music plays
Morbid notes of ego’s say
It will continue

To our dismay
Yes, it will continue
Least religious ego
Give up it’s venue.

I wrote this poem about 9/11/01 shortly after the attacks. I have grown more skeptical of all religions since I wrote this. But I still stand by one thing and always will. I believe most human beings are good, but we get divided far too much by religion, as much as we like to claim it unites us.

Religion is why a woman in Iran was murdered for her hijab not being worn properly. But here in America, religion is trying to drag women back into the dark ages by trying to control their vaginas. And we have members of congress saying the church should dictate to the state. Things like this will always scare me. Even though I am realistic in that religion will never be completely gone off this planet. But it does not deserve a pass either, no religion does.

The “Moore religion” is not a misspelling. Judge Roy Moore insisted on a giant stone monument of the 10 commandments in the rotunda of his courthouse. He was taken to court and the monument was removed eventually. I cannot understand why people want to gang tag government property with religious logos. In America at least, there are 360,000 and growing, houses of worship of all sects of Christianity, and all the world’s major religions as well, all on private property, nobody is being oppressed by saying church and state need a wall to prevent theocracy.


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