A Poet’s Name

A Poet’s Name, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/Meta and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

As time is brutally unfair
It did so again to my best friend
Absconded with his life, and our fun

I’d blow bubbles on his tummy
Clean the crust from his eyes
He’d dig into my ear in the morning

“Get up, get up, it is time to feed me”
But his atoms moved on, gone, gone
Gone, making me long, long, long

For another to become my company
This time, I am thinking jet black
But to be honest, I’ll take what I can get

She has to be uber friendly
Not a mean bone in her body
But with the confidence to annoy me

Enjoy me, curl up next to me
Be as lazy as she likes
Be super goofy, supper silly

I think I’ll give her a hybrid name
One of Anne Sexton’s fame
And lay a path that of Sylvia Plath

Of course without the same endings.
How does this sound, for a feline’s name?
“AnnePlath” or “Annepleth” or “Annaplath”

I’ll work on the pronunciation later
I just want a fur ball, a player
With twine or maybe a laser

Welcome to the world AnnePlath.


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