The Echoes Of The Cave

The Echoes Of The Cave, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Soundwaves bouncing around
The canyon chasm sound
My isolation cannot be found

Below the surface, the miner’ s found
My buried body in the dusty shaft
Don’t light that match

It talks back to me
The conversation with nobody
Clicking my keyboard fervently

I might as well be, in another
Galaxy, there is no sound, you see
In space, they cannot hear you scream

The stove hood, two tiny lights
Of in the distance, look like
A close encounter, alien ship

Of a 1950s si fi b movie
And that Orwellian TV
In front of me, keeps track of me

My printer won’t cooperate with me
Jamming up, when
Printing my poetry

I shout in this megaphone
I let out a sound, like a negotiator
Talking down a hostage taker

But I am the hostage taker
And the hostage, in the shaft
That everyone hears, but cannot see

The echoes of the cave
Talk back to me, telling me
To be quiet, nobody cares.

My house has a very large kitchen/ living room. It has vinyl flooring and very crappy insolation. So it echoes quite easily when I am talking, on the phone, on my computer on Skype, or FB voice. But I get really frustrated when something goes wrong with my poetry, and I shout, and it is very loud. I have to force myself to be quiet. I especially do that at night, be quiet that is.

But the echo this large room creates makes it sound like a large cave, or canyon or tunnel, in some remote place, where nobody else is. It is a very lonely sound too.


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