Detective Brambles

Detective Brambles, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

I am going to sue you
For intentional infliction
Of useful language
And ban you from your quill

From the attic window
I look just down the hill
I see words, I have never seen before
In your garden, you tend so well

Somewhere under hidden
The cargo nets entwined
Blueberry, blackberry
Rosebush, prickly shrub

Ancient ruins
Of the white kitchen timer
Buried on it’s side
3 minutes to the Acropolis

From your kitchen window
It committed suicide
Landed in your garden, years ago
Barren of sunshine

Alabaster nasal dorsum
Pokes through the compost ski mask
Layers of tangled fishing line
Obscure it from your sight

Iliakό orolόgio
Dialing up my dialogue
Be it rain or shine
I’m not taking your quill

Your garden looks just fine
I am not going to see you in court
I’ll be a good sport
And let it slide this time

Your tabby staged the crime
It was no suicide
He pushed it from the window ledge
Yet he’s way too cute, charges won’t stick

Look at those shifty whiskers
Basking in the sun
He’s got you fooled, he owns you
Naive garden gumshoe

It is the cat’s occulted shade
You know he’s got it made
The jury stacked, off Scott-free
You know you’ll never convict.

A fellow poet named Lisa inspired this poem. It was in response to seeing words I had never seen before, and enjoying learning them. “Brambles” is a type of shrub blueberry, blackberry, rose, ect. And she introduced me to the word “occulted”, meaning being cut off of view.

This is an imaginary poem, in where I am in another house, looking down a hill, and I see her cat knock down her white kitchen timer, which eventually gets buried over time by mulch and and brambles and the nose of the timer sticks up out of the mulch but is obscured. The cat is also “occulted” by the shadows of the trees and brambles and he is the guilty party as to why her “sundial” or “Iliakό orolόgio”, is lost. In this case the white timer landed on it side so the nose would stick up like a sundial.

But this poem is really is about thanking a fellow poet for introducing me to new words.


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