Superiority, By Brian37 (AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

That century old tree
Is not superior to the acorn
For it once was

That filet mignon
Is not superior to the burger
For they are both beef

But lets discuss parameters
Shall we? You say we are an apex?
Are we, really?

We build these tall skyscrapers
Yet we still die. We build metal birds that fly
Yet we still die

We dream of potent lies,
Make our enemies writhe
Dream of ways to kill, yet we still die

Things not seen with naked eye
Infect our bodies and bring us pain
Some can be managed, some bring the end
They far outnumber us, death always wins

Bacteria, viruses, cockroaches dwarf us
In population, what metric do you believe
Makes us superior?

They are inferior? I can’t see how
They don’t ask for permission to live in your house
To live in your body, to make you sick

They don’t need to build weapons to make you dead
They don’t build monuments, nor have heros
They’ve been around longer,

They are far stronger, I would say,
Our human narcissism should give way
In thinking this is all for us

A deity made a fuss, yet micro organisms
Can easily kill us, and step on a cockroach
There’s thousands, millions, trillions more

That would survive a nuclear war.
Humble yourself, in this world,
There’s only one exit door.


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