Stranger Than Friction

Stranger Than Friction, By Brian37(AKA Brian James Rational Poet on FB/META and @brianrrs37 on Twitter)

Remember that black and white
Rustic film of the two train engines
Colliding, smashing head on?

Would you believe 100 trillion particles
Are passing through you each second
As you read this?

Yes, you did read that correctly
No, I am not making this up
I am completely sober

Not high either, it was discovered
By the Large Hadron Collider
They call it a ghost

Because, to find it is harder
Little neutrinos, pass through solids
Like the apparition through doors and walls

To it, earth is nothing at all, take a baseball
And throw it through a basketball hoop
The size of our galaxy, to the neutrino

That is what we are, the screen door
On the submarine, the cargo net
The trapeze net, gaping hole in it

We are nothing to it, the neutrino
Is hard to catch, lighting fast
Like The Flash

If you like real ghosts
Not one of movies
If you like real smash ups

Sit down, listen up
Science is amazing
This ghost is too

Stranger than friction, is this truth.

I find this far far more interesting than old holy books. Nor do I believe in superstitious ghosts. But science always amazes me, things like neutrinos amaze me.


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